Guides to Potatoes

About Potatoes

Potatoes are an important staple food which are available all year round for most types.



Potatoes are considered a starchy vegetable and a healthy carbohydrate, which provides our body the energy to do work. Potatoes are also high in Fiber, which helps regulate blood sugar levels and lowers blood cholesterol levels.

Vitamins and Minerals

Potatoes contain a variety of Vitamins, like Vitamins C, B-1, B-6 and Folate which are which are essential to our body and health.

Minerals such as Potassium and Iron can also be found in a Potato. One medium Potato with skin provides 18%(620mg) of the recommended daily intake of Potassium. It aids in regulating fluids and minerals in our body.

Potatoes from Around the World

Holland Potato

Has a smooth and natural yellow skin.

Russet Potato

High in starch, ideal for mashed potatoes and baking. A classic choice for fries

Fingerling Potato

Have firm, waxy texture. Comes in wide variety of colours and are 2-4 inches in length. Great when roasted whole or used in potato salads

Red Potato

Are mostly ruby red smooth-skinned, with a waxy firm white flesh. Red potatoes oblong in shape and range from small to medium in size. Have a waxy texture, stays firm throughout cooking process. Their thin skin allows them to be perfect for mashing without having to peel their skin.

Baby Potato

Sweet / Purple Potato

Sweet potatoes are a versatile ingredient and can be used in both sweet and savory preparations. Suitable cooking methods: Steaming, Baking and Roasting. Nutritionally sweet potatoes are high in both potassium and Vitamin A, rich in carbohydrates, and offer antioxidants, vitamin E, and vitamin C.

Types of Fries Around the World

Martin Zwerts' Fries

It is a special 70 years family tradition of thick cut golden crisp Dutch Fries.


Potato wedges are wedged of potatoes, often large and unpeeled, that are either baked or fried.

Crinkled Fries

Crinkle-cut fries has a wavy like texture which is done by slicing the potato that leaves a corrugated surface.

Shoestring Fries

Shoestring fries are thinly cut fried potatoes or can be known as skinny fries, to distinguish them from the thicker-cut ones.

Curly Fries

Curly fries are made from the curly fry cutter and then seasoned which results in their golden orange look.

Waffle Fries

Waffle Fries are fries obtained by quarter-turning the potato before each pass over the corrugated blade of a mandoline and deep-frying.